Monday 25 February 2013

Castle of the Red Prince

Terrible lair of an undying foe…

Castle of the Red Prince
An interactive land of darkness.

Welcome to Amaranth, foreigner. The Red Prince haunts your dreams, you say? If you want to overthrow our tyrant, you’ll need to consider this whole blighted land at once.

(Castle of the Red Prince is a small text adventure with a different perspective on how locations can work in a parser game.)


Castle of the Red Prince is available to play in your browser via Parchment.


Or you can download the story file (mirror|random mirror) and run it with a Z-machine interpreter.
See this page for help finding an interpreter. I use Frotz, while others swear by Gargoyle.

Version 5: First release.
Version 6: Fixed a bug with the final action.
Version 7: Fixed a couple of bugs that could prevent progression.

Cover art credits: Original image by Gustave Doré; Magic Forest font by Anna Anthropy.


baywoof said...

That was fun! The location mechanism is very cool indeed.

Pacian said...

Thanks, baywoof. Glad you liked it. :)

porpentine said...

you and emily short are the only parser games that i always must play

this is a cutey game, i love flitting everywhere at once, so dreamlike and free

Emily said...

Genuinely enjoyed this, thanks so much :) IndieGames has the wrong link, btw. I got all the way to the end, but it was version 5.

Pacian said...

@porpentine :)

@Emily: You're welcome and yeah, sorry about that. :/

The latest version should make it to that link eventually.

Martin Eden said...

Just played this via FreeIndieGames. I enjoyed it very much, although I was perhaps too quick to rely on the dreams, and thus robbed myself of some of the fun.

I like your writing, and I but rarely typed in a command that balked the parser. Thankyou for the game.

Pacian said...

You're welcome.