Wednesday 18 June 2014

Weird City Interloper

Meet the citizens of an outlandish metropolis and uncover its deepest secrets...

Weird City Interloper

An interactive tale of strange conspiracy.

Pull up your hood, lower your gaze and enter the city of Zendon. If you can gather enough information, you may just be able to change the course of history.

(Weird City Interloper is a shallow but broad conversation game.)

Play in your Browser

Click here to play Weird City Interloper in your browser via Parchment.

Play Offline

You can also download the story file (mirror|random mirror) and run it with a Z-machine interpreter.

(See this page for help finding an interpreter. I use Frotz, while others swear by Gargoyle.)


  • Information is power. Gather more topics to progress.
  • If you can’t remember what you can type, just press return at an empty prompt (>).
  • A character you see frequently will let you ask for help if you get stuck.
  • If you want to change the way topics are highlighted, enter the command "output".
  • Sometimes the game will wait for you to press any key.


  • Release 1: The portcullis is raised.
Cover art credits: Icons by Lorc.


Megazver said...

That was good. A couple of questions:

Was there any thing interesting to do at Salyndo's before staying for a few turns then leaving?



they paid

for their kinship <--- not a typo, right?

with humanity

Anonymous said...

That was very enjoyable, thank-you! There are some wonderful little touches in there that add so marvellously to it. :)

Pacian said...


1. You can find one or two new topics there, but other than that, no.

2. Nope.

Glad you liked it. :)


Thanks. :)

Megazver said...

Also, it has occurred to me as I played this that Twine might have been an even better framework to write this in. Clicking through all those keywords would have been a bit easier than typing them in.

LayeredOnion said...

Loved it. Short, but sweet. Not frustrating, but satisfying. Fun characters. I could go on.

I was pointed this way by the fantastic folks down at Rock Paper Shotgun, in their Freeware Garden column. Thanks to them, and thanks for making this!

Dariusz G. Jagielski said...

Is it Inform7 game or did you use other tool? Certainly it isn't a Twine game...

Pacian said...

@LayeredOnion: Thank you kindly, and you're welcome.

@Dariusz: I did indeed use Inform 7.

My main aim was to try and make a different kind of parser game, but I think I7 also worked out well for how this thing is structured. I was able to define a handful of rules at the start and then focus on writing the different characters' responses.