Friday, 17 July 2009

IF Progressive One

IF Progressive One
By: The IF Progressive Team
Format: Z-Code

This is a rather strange little thing. I'm all in favour of unusual titles, but such a dry moniker seems like a short, unfair route to obscurity. IF Progressive One is the result of 'an experimental IF game project in collaborative authorship' - possibly inspired by Alabaster. Eight different authors worked on the game, each subsequent author being allowed full access to all the preceding segments.

Where Alabaster pulled off the impossible feat of having a very strong, unified voice, despite its collaborative authorship, this game goes quite in the opposite direction. The first segment is a richly described, puzzle-free and wonderfully characterful piece of IF. The second... Well, it begins like this:

Suddenly there are almost no descriptions, and the player is still expected to... well, there's no obvious direction or motivation for this segment either, or hints (so this is where my time with the game came to an end). Still, a game that can change from completely fiction focused to a completely old-school puzzler at the drop of a hat suggests that those interested in collaborative IF might find this to be an experiment with very interesting results.

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