Tuesday, 31 August 2010

IFComp Go, Go, Go!

Last minute idea, last minute sign-up!

I've got just over four weeks. I'll be beta-testing whatever I've got after two weeks.

That doesn't sound like long, but two weeks is all the time I had for development and testing for Snowblind Aces, and 168 times longer than I had for Six-Chamber Champion. Also.. this is kind of not going to be a standard text adventure.

But... it's also going to be the most text adventure-ish game I've made.

I'd say more, but I think part of the fun of IFComp is being (pleasantly?) surprised by the games on release day.


george said...


Put up the spacecat signal when you need testers.

Jeremy, Text Game Ninja said...

Sounds cool, I want to play.

gnome said...

You also know where to find people willing to beta test. Also expect some emails pretty soon.