Sunday, 22 August 2010


I've been quiet lately, partly because I've not been sure which of the several projects I've toyed with was going to get done, also partly because I was hoping to have something I could chuck at IFComp. That ship has now sailed, but on the plus side I now have a plan laid out for a complete project. Nothing too ground-breaking, but probably something that falls under, "If you liked my other stuff, you'll like this."

Now, the other project I've hinted at in previous posts (which isn't the one I have nicely planned out)... I've had a tussle with it in TADS, but I'm now considering developing it in Flash instead. Imagine Poizoned Mind, but with more plot and less jokes - and in your browser.

I also started prototyping a small game featuring Nate and Ivy, but I've run into a wall in terms of TADS and its ability to work well with keywords. Their further adventures are kind of on hold until I can either wrestle TADS into submission, get my head around Inform or come up with a system of my own... But rest assured that I will be going back to them - I mean, I've barely started foreshadowing their secret arch nemesis!

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