Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Rogue of the Multiverse

Taking second place in the 16th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition...

Rogue of the Multiverse
A runaway adventure, careering through time and space.

Welcome to Dryzandia, convict 76954. Oh, you're a human? We don't get many of your kind around here, and when we do they don't last for long.

Escape? To where? There's nothing out there but barren wasteland and a saurian civilisation that'll eat you alive. But... every so often one of you alien inmates gets selected for some government programme or something. I don't know what they do there, but it can't be worse than this place... Can it?


-Download the latest version (zipped) [Mirror] [Random mirror]
-Download the original competition version [Random mirror]


-The latest version includes a Windows executable version that you can just double-click to run.
-Linux and Mac users can play the game by running the included .t3 file with an interpreter from this page.
-If you're not sure how to play, enter the commands ABOUT or INSTRUCTIONS.
-If you get stuck, just enter HINT.

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