Thursday, 23 December 2010

Wikileaks Stories

Just a heads-up that Wikileaks Stories is looking for games of all shapes and sizes that are inspired by revelations from the eponymous "unexpected outbreak of governmental transparency" (as one might call it).

There's already at least one text adventure in the works, as well as a planned contribution by Molleindustria.


Megazver said...

Hello, CEJ Pacian! You don't seem to have an email listed for reception of a) breathless praise, b) venomous diatribes and/or c) pictures of senders' genitalia, so I will post this here, for all to see. I have nothing to hide!

I think you’re a damn good game designer and a damn good writer and I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your works. The field of people who play IF games is small enough that I feel that every opinion probably counts and I hope this improved your day. So there. Go you! Keep on being!

PS Also, about W&S. I want more! I realize that you said you’ll probably write some more games with them, but I feel that with W&S you’ve really hit story gold and that perhaps IF is a bit too small for those two. I would really love to read some good ol’ regular fiction with that dashing duo and I really hope you give this a moment of serious consideration, instead of going Pffft and clicking Delete and running off to do whatever it is you normally do during the course of being a Magnificent Bastard.

Write some short stories and/or a novel, plsktnx.

PPS I guess this post was a). In case c) is required, my MSPAINT is at the ready.

Pacian said...

Ooh fan mail. Thanks!

My email address is "out there", but you're not the first person to have trouble finding it, so I'll add it to the sidebar.

Re. W&S. It's one of my new year's resolutions to release a W&S game this year (preferably sooner rather than later).

Also, I was generally disappointed with the volume of my creative output last year, and I will hopefully be writing regular fiction as well - including some stuff for W&S, but I'd like to get more interactive stories under my belt for those two first.

Thanks for the comment!

PS. You can close MSPAINT.

Megazver said...

You're welcome!

> PS. You can close MSPAINT.