Thursday, 20 January 2011


By: Matt Wigdahl

The winning game from IFComp 2010 is in many ways the direct opposite of my own entry. Where Rogue of the Multiverse is extra terse, Aotearoa is quite wordy; where I saw the competition as an opportunity to make a game without newbie-friendly amenities, Matt Wigdahl crammed his game full of tutorials, hints, keyword-highlighting and neat convenience features; where my game prizes focused interaction, Aotearoa is deeply implemented in its responses to unprompted commands; where I prioritised an easy flow, the puzzles here are involved and offer multiple solutions.

A family-friendly adventure through an alternate New Zealand where dinosaurs never died out, Aotearoa simply oozes craft and attention to detail - it's so jam-packed with cool stuff that it absolutely deserves its place at the top.

You can play the game online here.

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