Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Juhana Leinonen's Starborn is a short, keyword-only IF game about the home-sickness of someone who's never been home. More of a vignette than a full-blooded story, it's well worth the five or ten minutes it takes to complete.

You can play it online here.


Juhana said...

So, wow. Your post was re-blogged by IndieGames.com and now mentions are popping up all over Twitter. The online version has already been played more than 500 times today.

I took the opportunity to do some community outreach and added a "play more similar games" link to the game page with Walker & Silhouette as a specifically mentioned example (the game mechanics are similar and it's no secret that it was an inspiration for Starborn), if you don't mind.

Pacian said...

Heh, thanks. :-)

Although W&S doesn't have quite the same level of accessibility, being a download and all.